About Turn-Key Racing
Turn-Key Racing was created in the summer of 2006 by Dan Borchardt Jr along with the partnership of Larry Hanson.

The first car that was built with the Turn-Key title was an Elko Speedway Thunder Car and only ran five times in the 2006 season.

They built the car for Larry's son Mike as he persueded the one thing that he has urged to always do, to be a racecar driver. He raced away with an 11th place finish in the Thunder Car Nationals last chance race missing the last transfer position by one place.

In the summer of 2002 spotting for Jon Lemke was introduced to Paul Harvey, Larry
Hanson, and Mike Hanson.  Less than a few months Dan had asked the three of them to help him in the NASCAR Remax Touring Series for Jon Lemke and Car Owner Tim Schumacher. Team K.C. Colors and the newly added members would spend the next two seasons together as they raced the Touring Series a crossed the Midwest. In 2003, Dave Tighe was a NASCAR follower and had the opportunity to join the team. KC Colors Racing came home in 6th place in points in the 2003 season and earned them selves to the Toyota All Star Shootout in Irwindale, CA.

In the 2004 Season the team saw an unexpected weekend at the Season Opener which ended with a blown motor and broken rear-end. Not letting that effect each other they went back to there home track with there local car and won the Season Opener at Elko Speedway. Making a team decision they decided to stay and race for a championship at Elko Speedway and have a shot with the Regional Standings. They ended the 2004 season with 8 wins, 4th in the Regional Standings, and with the Elko Speedway Championship. In 2005 the group would start to see the beginning of some rough roads ahead and at the end of 2005 three members would end up going there own way.

Dan, Larry and Mike would find there selves racing for Leffler Racing in 2006.Joining with fellow team mates Doug Lind, James Leffler(Late Model Driver), Tyler and Kyle Lind. While making conversation in the shop Mike had told Dan that he had wanted to start racing but Mike didn't think anything of it. During a conversation with Dan and Larry they wanted to build a car for Mike to race in the 2006 season as part time to Keep there rookie status. In February of 2006 they purchased a racecar that was run as a Raceway Park Hobby Stock. Turn-Key Racing was born and over the next few months they rebuilt the Racecar the Turn-key Way. Also in the summer of 2006 Doug Lind added to the Turn-Key Racing stable with the purchase of a Short Tracker that will be driven by his some Tyler in the 2007 season. At the end of 2006, KC Colors Racing came on board for the 2007 racing season. The Turn-Key stables will be busy preparing for there 2007 Seasons and but every little touch to there cars and embark on there journey of success.
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